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PFL Christmas Shelter Meatloaf


PFL Christmas Shelter Meatloaf Special

One nutritious meatloaf (3kg) + 2 packets premium kangaroo treats (valued at $39.80) + 20% of sales proceeds donated to CAS Medic Fund

Our furkids are often showered with gifts and treats for Christmas but there are so many street and shelter animals who also deserve a little holiday love. You can send them your love by sponsoring a nutritious Christmas meatloaf to any shelter of your choice. What’s more, you will be contributing to Causes for Animals – Singapore’s (CAS) Medic Aid Fund as 20% from the sale of each meatloaf will be donated to help our street and shelter animals’ medical needs. That’s not all! You will also be giving 2 packets of premium kangaroo treats as a special Christmas bonus with every meatloaf sponsored. 

About CAS Medic Aid Fund: Many of the street dogs and cats are victims of hit-and-run cases and require life-saving, emergency treatments. CAS medic aid fund will not only help these animals receive the critical care and treatment they need but also provide long term medical care for animals with kidney failure, heart conditions, cancer etc.

We will start delivering the meatloaves to the shelters from 7 December. Let’s fill the tummies of all the street and shelter animals so that they will have a blessed Christmas too!  Thank you so much for caring and for your generosity!!


Ingredients: Pork, pork liver, eggs, carrots, potatoes