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Dr Becker’s Bites


Dr Becker’s Bites is a 100% human grade treat that has earned acclaim from customers all over. It is grain-freegluten-freefiller-free and GMO-free.  This all-natural treat has been recognized as a ‘Top Pick’ for dogs by Whole Dog Journal (the nation’s premier reference on the health and nutritional needs of dogs).

Dr Becker’s Berry Bites is the antioxidant treat that contains the free-radical scavenging power of acai berries, the anti-inflammatory benefits of bilberries, the proactive power of pomegranate and the antioxidant benefits of blueberries — all blended with the irresistible flavor of beef liver.

BENEFITS: With the top super-fruits containing potent free-radical scavenging power, this is an outstanding treat that contains anti-inflammatory and high antioxidants in there purest form.


Weight: 142 grams

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