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Let’s bring some joy and cheer to the animals at the shelters as we celebrate Singapore’s birthday with our special SG51 meatloaf set. This set includes a 3 kg meatloaf and 2 packets of our signature treats: Liver Bow-wownies and Australian beef lungs.

Our grain-free meatloaf is cooked using 100% human grade ingredients and topped with our best selling Barkbones.

Click here to order. From now till 31st August.


The Spiral in a Paw.

The single spiral is one of the oldest known symbols in the world. Ancient Greeks and Native Americans believe the spiral represents the never ending cycles of growth, life and eternity. Spiritually, it represents energy. Our pets are precious lives, filled with energy and love.

Based in Singapore, we are here to provide canine massage therapy to improve joint mobility, blood circulation and increase immunity, and dish out handmade healthy wholesome treats and nutritious meals using 100% fresh human grade and organic whole food.

We believe that massage and good nutrition is an essential part of total health care and maintenance. Just like our tagline: A healthy dog is a happy dog!

Our dogs are our family. And just like family, they deserve the very best in their life too.

What Veterinarians Say

“Massage has so many physical and psychological benefits for your dog that you could almost call it an essential of healthcare, like grooming, feeding, and exercise.” – Dr Michael W Fox, DVM, author of ‘The Healing Touch for Dogs

“You can boost your pet’s health profoundly by making one simple decision. All you have to do is change his diet from commercial-brand fare to something you may never have imagined giving him – real food. The fresh food you buy for yourself is the food you should give your pet, too.” – Dr Martin Goldstein, DVM, author of ‘The Nature of Animal Healing‘.


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